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Wednesday, November 27th

Pro FX is a London based firm with over 25 years of experience in Trading Financial Markets.They have developed unique trading tools and trained thousands of traders in live workshops and online webinars. Using their system based Algo Strategies they will take you from Zero Trading Knowledge and help you become a consistent trader.

What will you Learn

Forex Trading and what everyone needs to know

Live Trading with Advance setups

How to avoid common pitfalls and why consistency in trading matters

Risk Management and how not to blow your account

Supply and Demand and how Smart Money Trades

Importance of Psychology and Trader Mindset


In one word.... BRILLIANT!!

ProFX have just launched their online teaching and resource platform. It’s so simply to navigate around, the content itself is direct and they don’t bombard you with useless information. It’s straight to the point. I have trained in Forex with other providers and ProFX is the best I’ve come across.


Fantastic training and outstanding customer service!

Just in the middle of taking the online course. It is excellent! I noticed one little thing missing and asked in the chat box about it. They told me it would be updated within 30 minutes which it was! Its early days yet but at the minute I am blown away by the quality of information and level of support... Not sure if I can update this at a later stage but if not I might leave a further review!

Jorge Jimenez

Best tools for trading

With PROFX I have learn how to trade fast and with success, they have the educational resources and powerful algorithms that helps you scanning for best trading opportunities, even if you are new to the currency market.

Mr Nonito Arzanan

The best team to work with

The best team to work with. The service/support is second to none. I found a product that actually works that helped me become a better trader. Highly recommended!